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About Us

Facroy Direct Doors specializes in service. This is very important when buying doors since they don't come in the mail.

A door is like a key, it needs to fit the house if its going to be of any use. This means jamb thickness, overall unit height and width, swing direction and egress, material, glazing, tempering, thickness, fire rating, design core type, weatherstriping, handle specs, jamb matching, security, code regulations and finish. We will likely ask about 10 questions before we quote a price. A sticker on the side of a door is not considered service around here.

We can service your delivery needs, usually with our own trucks from northern British Columbia to southern Oregon. Ensuring your door arrives on site in perfect condition requires special handling. Shipment across North America and overseas is second nature to us. We crate, wrap, finish and install.

Custom Manufacturing

We manufacture a lot of what we sell. Solid wood doors and windows in Fir and VG Fir, and doors in Oak, Maple, Cedar and other species. All heights, widths, with or with out lites, jambs and finishing.

Factory Seconds and Overstocks

If we are not already the best source for factory seconds around here we'd be suprised. Over 4,000 doors now in stock. They can be hung cut, fitted, finished and delivered just like the # 1's at substantial savings.

"When it shows up program"

Ask us about our "When it shows up program". We buy factory seconds from all over North America. If you can wait we will likely find what your are looking for if you can wait. Sometimes it takes a week or two, sometimes a year, but the prices are usually worth waiting for.

Door Express is a Creer Industries company. We specialize in the marketing of building products with divisions in:

Factory Second Doors
High Quality Fir Windows and Doors
Construction Management Systems
Construction Marketing Systems
Building Materials Brokerage Division
Real Estate Corp-rate Suites

Special Door Sevices Include
Door Manufacturing Fir, Oak, and Decorative Glass
Pre-hung Doors
Custom Heights, Widths and Materials
Basement Suite Doors
Fire and Security Doors
Home Selection of Factory Seconds

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